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People v. Tauger.

No. 21PDJ016. 4/5/2021. Conditional Admission of Misconduct—Attorney Disbarred.

May 2021

The Presiding Disciplinary Judge approved the parties’ conditional admission of misconduct and disbarred Michael J. Tauger (attorney registration number 01902). The disbarment took effect on April 5, 2021.

Tauger has thrice been suspended from the practice of law. Twice he was suspended for conduct that included practicing law while he was suspended. He was most recently disciplined in April 2020, when he was suspended for three years.

In July 2020, Tauger provided a form asset purchase agreement to parties who were negotiating for the purchase of assets of a marijuana-related business in Colorado Springs. Tauger made modifications to that agreement, and to a noncompete agreement and a related consulting agreement. He emailed these documents to the parties in July and August 2020. One of the emails used the domain name “” and included a disclaimer indicating that the message was confidential and potentially privileged.

Through this conduct, Tauger violated Colo. RPC 3.4(c) (a lawyer shall not knowingly disobey an obligation under the tribunal’s rules) and Colo. RPC 5.5(a)(2) (a lawyer shall not practice law where doing so violates the legal profession’s regulations).

The case file is public per CRCP 251.31.

Official Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge proceedings can be found at the Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge website.

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