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Rule Change 2021(02) Colorado Rules of Procedure Regarding Attorney Discipline and Disability Proceedings, Colorado Attorneys’ Fund for Client Protection, and Mandatory Continuing Legal Education and Judicial Education

Rule 250.3

March 22, 2021

Rule 250.3. The Supreme Court Advisory Committee and the Continuing Legal and Judicial Education Committee

(1)–(2) [NO CHANGE]

(a) Members. The CLJE Committee consists of nine members appointed by the Court, and is subject to oversight by the Advisory Committee. With the exceptions of the chair and the vice chair, members will be appointed for one term of seven years. Diversity will be a consideration in making the appointments. The terms of the members will be staggered to provide, so far as possible, for the expiration each year of the term of one member. At least six of the members must be volunteer lawyers, at least one of whom must also be a judge, and at least two of the members must be volunteer non-lawyers (citizen members). All members serve at the pleasure of and may be dismissed at any time by the Court. A member of the CLJE Committee may resign at any time. In the event of a vacancy, a successor will be appointed by the Court for the remainder of the unexpired term of the member whose office is vacated.

(b)–(c) [NO CHANGE]


Amended and Adopted by the Court, En Banc, January 14, 2021, effective immediately. 

By the Court:

Monica M. Márquez

Justice, Colorado Supreme Court

Official Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committees proceedings can be found at the Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committees website.

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