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Ruth M. Moore

Member Spotlight

December 2021

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Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Law School: Columbia University School of Law
Live in: Conifer
Works at: Moore Williams PLLC
Practice Areas(s): Appellate Practice and Significant Trial-Level Legal Issues
CBA Member Since: 2008

Ruth Moore is actively involved in the Colorado legal community and her local community. She is a founding member of Moore Williams PLLC, an appellate litigation boutique; serves as an arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; and has litigated a full gamut of business disputes across a wide variety of industries.

What do you like best about your practice area?

The breadth of substantive law and the ability to focus on the most critical issues of a case, especially when those issues have a broader impact in developing the law.

What are you passionate about?

Due process, equal justice, access to justice, the rule of law, and the legal system’s accountability to the public.

What are the greatest challenges you face in your practice, and how do you manage them?

Adverse litigation outcomes. I make a point of immediately advising my clients with candor and empathy. It is important to remember that effective legal representation may consist of thoroughly advising clients and diligently advocating their positions, even if you do not ultimately prevail.

What do you wish you had learned in law school?

I wish that law school taught more about the subjective human elements of practicing law, such as the psychological aspects of advising, negotiating, and persuading. We instead learn these topics on the job, one insight at a time.

What organizations are you involved in?

In addition to the CBA, I’m an active member of the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, the Faculty of Federal Advocates, the US District Court Civil Pro Bono Panel, the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Subcommittee of the Supreme Court Continuing Legal and Judicial Education Committee, the Rotary Club of Conifer, and the Conifer Rotary Foundation.

How has the CBA impacted your career?

The CBA has connected me with a broad network of Colorado lawyers and provided me opportunities to actively engage in improving the practice of law.

Outside of the law, what are your hobbies?

Hiking, camping, volunteering, and other activities with my family.

Who is your hero and why?

I value the everyday heroes who answer duty’s call in countless ways and serve as pillars of their communities or families. The hero occupying my mind lately is my sister, an emergency physician in Southern California who has treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients under grim circumstances.

What advice would you give a new lawyer?

Nurture your relationships and keep track of your accomplishments. They may be helpful in the future, both professionally and psychologically.

If you weren’t a lawyer, you’d be?

An author working to improve our understanding of our world.