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Department Article Guidelines

Staff Contact: Susie Klein, managing editor:

Editorial Process

Colorado Lawyer (CL) assumes that every article submitted for publication will be edited with the full permission of the author. The decision as to which articles will be published and when is at the discretion of CL. Department articles undergo peer-review by a volunteer coordinating editor who is a subject matter expert. To get started, please reach out to a coordinating editor in your area of interest to discuss your topic.

Publication Standards

  • Content/Tone: Department articles are generally informational and often include how-to or best methods for practical application. Use of first-person is accepted.
  • Length: Article length should be adequate to sufficiently address the topic. Department articles are generally between 1,500 and 3,000 words, but longer or shorter articles are accepted. Very long articles may be broken into several parts and published in separate issues.
  • Citations: Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all citations. Citations must be adequate to annotate the material and provide practical information for attorneys.
  • Quotations: Lengthy quotations should be used only if the language is essential; paraphrasing is preferred.
  • Introduction and Conclusion: Every article should have (1) an introductory paragraph that indicates what the article will cover and (2) a concluding paragraph that wraps up the article.
  • Headings and Subheading: CL encourages the use of headings and subheadings to indicate a shift in topic and break up long sections of text. Please avoid “stacked headings” (two headings with no text in between).
  • Sidebars, Charts, and Tables: Authors are encouraged to submit sidebars, charts, tables, or other instructive graphics with their articles. Please submit graphics in the highest-resolution possible.

Submission Procedures

Please submit the following to the coordinating editor:

  • Manuscript: Articles should be submitted as attachments to email in MS Word.
  • A short author bio for each author.
  • A high-resolution (300 dpi or greater) digital headshot for each author. Smartphone photos saved at the highest resolution setting work great for our purposes. Please avoid submitting photos that have been compressed for the web.
  • Signed license agreement for each author. Authors retain copyright of their own works, and the agreement does not preclude the author from using the material elsewhere; educational and professional uses of the author’s work are encouraged. If the author wishes to reprint or republish the article, the author agrees to provide CL with a signed permission to reprint form and include a notice on the article that the work originally was published in CL.