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Hyde v. People.

No. 21PDJ013. 3/3/2022. Opinion Denying Restatement.

November 18, 2022

Following a reinstatement hearing, a hearing board denied Patrick C. Hyde (attorney registration number 14633) reinstatement to the practice of law under CRCP 251.29. On September 30, 2022, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the order without opinion. Hyde may not file another petition for reinstatement for two years.

In November 2018, Hyde was suspended for six months with the requirement that he petition for reinstatement, if at all, under CRCP 251.29(c). Hyde’s disciplinary suspension was premised on his failure to follow recordkeeping requirements and his mishandling of funds held in trust, which resulted in the commingling of unearned funds with his own funds.

A majority of the Hearing Board concluded that reinstatement was not appropriate because Hyde failed to prove by clear and convincing evidence that he is fit to practice law and that he has been rehabilitated from his underlying misconduct.

Official Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge proceedings can be found at the Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge website.

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