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Rule Change 2023(19)

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure: Rule 1

November 30, 2023

Rule 1. Scope of Rules


(b) Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (“LLPs”). C.R.C.P. 2 though C.R.C.P. 121 shall apply to licensed legal paraprofessionals when consistent with the scope of practice authorized by  C.R.C.P. 207.1.

(c) Effective Date. Amendments of these rules shall be effective on the date established by the Supreme Court at the time of their adoption, and thereafter all laws in conflict therewith shall be of no further force or effect. Unless otherwise stated by the Supreme Court as being applicable only to actions brought after the effective date of an amendment, they govern all proceedings in actions brought after they take effect and also all further proceedings in actions then pending, except to the extent that in the opinion of the court their application in a particular action pending when the rules take effect would not be feasible or would work injustice, in which event the former procedure applies.

(d) How Known and Cited. These rules shall be known and cited as the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, or C.R.C.P.


Amended and Adopted by the Court, En Banc, November 30, 2023, effective immediately.

By the Court:

Richard L. Gabriel

Justice, Colorado Supreme Court


Official Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committees proceedings can be found at the Colorado Supreme Court Rules Committees website.

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