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Sanders v. People.

2024 CO 33. No. 22SC413. Actual Bias—Right to a Fair Trial.

May 28, 2024

In this case, the Supreme Court granted certiorari to consider whether a division of the court of appeals erred by determining that a judge who had experienced criminal conduct similar to that at issue in the case was not disqualified under the Due Process Clauses of the US and Colorado Constitutions; CRS § 16-6-201(1)(d), and Crim. P. 21(b); or the Colorado Code of Judicial Conduct 2.11; and if so, whether reversal is required.

Although the Court concluded that the division applied too strict a standard when it required a showing of actual bias in order to support a disqualification motion, it nonetheless agreed that disqualification was not warranted on the facts of this case.

Accordingly, the Court affirmed the division’s judgment, albeit on somewhat different grounds.

Official Colorado Supreme Court proceedings can be found at the Colorado Supreme Court website.

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